Five Best Summer Herbs

Growing your own herbs is a simple way to add flavor to your food or prepare a cup of herbal tea. Fresh herbs can be grown in a variety of locations even an apartment. 
Here are some of favorite summer herbs, and how you can implement them into your daily routine. 
How to use basil?
Italian food and sauce like Pesto
Tomato, Mozzarella and basil salad
Basil and strawberry smoothie
You might think basil is only for your Italian food dishes, but basil tastes just as great in tea form as it does in your spaghetti sauce. Hindu people believe it has significant healing compounds and can be used for a wide variety of medical issue.
Cilantro is rich in vitamins A, B-complex, and C, as well as the calcium, carotene, iron, and riboflavin. It is a summer delight that offers much more than just great taste to a summer salad or to top off a soup. You can Make a Cooling, Summer Detox Tea using cilantro.
Fill a tea infuser with chopped fresh or dried cilantro and place in a teacup and Pour boiling water into the teacup. 
Steep for five minutes. This releases the flavor and nutritional qualities into the water, creating the tea. Remove the infuser from the teacup. 
flavor it with honey if you desire. 
Add some cilantro seeds to boost the cooling properties.
A unique herb that loves the summer sun, It’s perfect or those fierce summer days when you need to add a refreshing element to a more indulgent dinner, you can add it to yogurt to create a delicious sauce for main or side dishes like steamed vegetable or meat.
Dill can also be used for medicinal purposes, including a stomach-soothing tea to treat gas or digestive issues. Mash two teaspoons per cup of boiling water and steep for five to ten minutes, and enjoy when you’re feeling tummy troubles. 
Mint comes in many varieties like peppermint and spearmint, the diverse herb can be used in everything from drinks to fruit salads. 
You can boil spearmint with sugar to create a refreshing simple syrup, ideal for sweetening your iced teas or mojitos. 
If you have trouble getting your eight cups of water, add some fresh mint or a few seeds of your spearmint plant to cold water and keep it in the fridge. Drink it as a refreshing drink when you’re feeling that summertime dehydration.
For preparing mint tea, you need a large handful of fresh mint leaves and a cup of hot water and honey to taste if you like.
Oregano is a summer herb that loves to grow in pots where it can spill over an edge of a pot or low wall, it is famous for its role in Italian and Mexican recipes, it is also bursting with antioxidants, vitamin K, manganese, iron, and calcium, so it doesn’t hurt to find ways to slide more oregano into your diet. You can also make a riff on typical basil-based pesto by adding fresh oregano to a food processor alongside pistachios, garlic, lemon, olive oil, salt, and pepper. 
Oregano tea has some serious health benefits, like aiding in digestion, antibacterial activity, detoxifying the body and improving bone health.
To prepare oregano tea, check cilantro tea. 

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