The best time to drink Green tea

Green tea contains lots of antioxidants and come with lots of health benefits. It is a great energizer and great for maintaining your body weight and fat. But you have to drink it at the right time and you shouldn't drink excessive amount of it.
Generally, NOT recommended to drink green tea first thing in the morning with an empty stomach or before breakfast.
Not recommended to drink green tea with a meal.
Drink green tea in between meals i.e. more than one hour after breakfast and lunch
Avoid drinking green tea late at night as the caffeine can cause insomnia.
Recommended to drink green tea at least half an hour before exercise. It has been found that green tea can improve your performance level and help you to last longer. It will help you to lose weight and burn fat!
Drinking green tea at the wrong time can give rise to unpleasant side effects such as nausea and gastric pain. 

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